Soundstream T1.4000DL 2,000 Watt Monoblock Amplifier

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4,000 Watt 1 Channel Amplifier

Max Power 4,000w
RMS Power 4Ω 700 x 1
RMS Power 2Ω 1,300w
RMS Power 1Ω 2,000w


Tarantula amplifiers continue to dominate the Soundstream amplifier arsenal. For the newest 2015 generation, we’ve maintained their stable performance, but given them a unique appearance. Each Tarantula Electro amplifier features a 12-point RGB LED lighting system, containing its own independent RGB control. A simple press of the end panel mounted switch changes the color to one of several presets, slow-motion color change, or rapid flashing random color. For more custom installs, a single color can be selected during slow-motion color change. 2015 Tarantula Electro models include 4ch, 1-ohm stable class D 5ch & monoblocks, and an additional .5-ohm stable 3,000w monoblock.

  • 1-ohm Minimum Impedance Monoblock Operation
  • Multi-color RGB LED Illumination Acent Lighting
  • Solid Color, Flashing, Random, or Slow-Motion Color Change
  • MOSFET Power Supply w/ Audiophile Grade IRTM Transistors
  • Military Grade SMT PCB Maintains Dynamic Performance
  • Direct Short, Thermal, & Overload Circuits Protect Ampllifier
  • 200mV-6V High Level or Low Level RCA Input
  • Variable 12dB High Pass, Low Pass, & Subsonic Crossovers
  • 12dB Bass Boost Increases Low Octave Harmonics
  • Dash Mount Gain Control Module Included
Soundstream T1.4000DL 2,000 Watt Monoblock Amplifier
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Regular price Save -20% $399.99 $499.99
Regular price $399.99