Soundstream Stealth ST2.1000D 2-Channel Amplifier

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Stealth Series 1,000w Class D 2ch. Amplifier

RMS Power 4Ω 140 x 2
RMS Power 2Ω 250 x 2
RMS Power 4Ω Bridged 500 x 1

Don’t let these little monsters fool you. The latest and greatest of class D full range technology allows us to pack 10 lbs of KICK YOUR ASS in less than 2 lbs chassis. Once regarded as “dirty power”, class Ds stable performance, thanks to high power capability, maximum efficiencies, and low tolerance components, rivals traditional full range applications. Minimal power requirements, ultra micro footprint, unbelievable sound quality, and easy install make Stealth amplifiers great for any car, motorcycle, boat, or off-road vehicle…

Stealth Amplifier Features:

  • High-Efficiency Class D Full Range Amplifiers
  • Hybrid Aluminum Alloy Heatsink for Optimum Dissipation
  • 2-ohm Stereo & 4-ohm Bridged Full-Range Operation
  • MOSFET Power Supply w/ Audiophile Grade IRTM Transistors
  • Military Grade SMT PCB Maintains Dynamic Performance
  • Direct Short, Thermal, & Overload Circuits Protect Amplifier
  • 200mV-12V High Level or Low-Level RCA Input
  • Quick Disconnect RCA/High-Level Wire Harness
  • Quick Disconnect Power and Speaker Output Harness
  • Variable 12dB High Pass, Low Pass, & Subsonic Crossovers
Soundstream Stealth ST2.1000D 2-Channel Amplifier
Soundstream Steal...
Regular price Save -10% $179.99 $199.99
Regular price $179.99