MTX Jackhammer Series 22" Subwoofer

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As seen on TV and at car shows around the world, the MTX JackHammer subwoofers are the ultimate symbol for bragging rights in any installation. This one is for people that only want the best and will spend whatever money they need to get it. The JackHammer is available in a 22" round and a 24" square version that are both designed to make you feel the bass as much as hear it.

Key features of the JackHammer subwoofers include:
  • 4000W RMS Power Handling
  • Sand Cast Aluminum Basket
  • 6" High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil
  • 2.5" Xmax
  • 8 AWG Set Screw Speaker Terminals
  • Carbon and Glass Fiber Dust Cap with Aluminum Honeycomb Center
  • Aluminum Shorting Ring
  • The MTX T9922-22 JackHammer SuperWoofer is like nothing else on Earth. This subwoofer was designed simply because we could and over the top is never enough for some people. It might seem out of reach, but in life it is important to have goals and strive toward them. There is no reason owning a JackHammer shouldn't be a goal for audio enthusiasts everywhere!
  • 4000W RMS, 8000W Peak Power
  • 23" Tall, 369 lbs.
  • 900 Ounce Strontium Ferrite Magnet with Extended Magnetic Field Gap Technology
  • Tri-Layer Design - Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Dust Cap with Aluminum Honeycomb Center

  • Expanded Polypropylene Cone with Mica Filler for Reduced Mass and Increased Stiffness
  • FEA Designed Progressive Roll Spider - Features 10 AWG Integrated Tinsel Leads Woven in Allowing for 2.5" of Linear Cone Movement One Way

  • Aluminum Shorting Ring
  • 6.5" Voice Coil with 17 AWG High Temperature Aluminum Wire in a Flat Wound, Long-Excursion Design Incorporating 2.5" of Xmax
  • Integrated Aluminum Heatsink - Maintains the Optimum Voice-Coil Temperature for Extreme Power Handling

Peak Power (Watts) 4,000
Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 2,000 - 4,000
Peak Power (Watts) 8,000
Frequency Response 20Hz - 150Hz
Sensitivity 90.0 dB
Magnet Weight 900 oz.
Mounting Depth 21.06"
Cut Out Diameter 20.25"
Volume Displacement (cu in) 267.84
Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 4.2 cu ft
Vented Enclosure Net Volume 8.7 cu ft
MTX Jackhammer Series 22" Subwoofer
MTX Jackhammer Se...
Regular price Save -21% $9,499.99 $11,999.99
Regular price $9,499.99