Competition - Are You Loud Enough to Win?

Think You're LOUD Enough?

Do you think you have what it takes to compete in the car audio competition circuit?  Is your sound system the hot talk on the block?  If so, check out some of our affiliate organizations below to learn more about how you can become the next big thing on the scene!

The Breakdown: SPL, SQ, & DEMO

Different Major Sound-Off Organizations host a wide variety of different classes and mediums for which to show off your audio system, often for awards & prizes.  Those different mediums are SPL (Sound Pressure Level - A Decibel based scoring system where the loudest wins, whether by music or tone burst), SQ (Sound Quality - Where music takes you on a sensory roller coaster providing larger than life imaging and sound reproduction), & DEMO (Park it, Pound on it, Hair Trick it and full-tilt it until it just can't go anymore!).


The Big 4 Sound-Off Organizations