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    G2 Flat-Pac© Enclosures

    For the DIY Audiophile that doesn't have a Certified Woodshop!

    The G2 Flat-Pac Series of Woofer Enclosures is the best way to build your own box without all the messy sawdust and expensive tools!  Shipped directly to your door, our Flat-Pac Enclosures come with everything you need to fully assemble your own BANGIN woofer enclosure with the exception of fasteners & adhesive.  Our expert team of enclosure designers & Wood Crafters designed these enclosures specifically for the famed Genesys line of subwoofers from G2 Dynamics, but they will work for many other brands of similar high performance woofers.  With ample airspace for today's SPL oriented subwoofers, the G2 Flat-Pac Enclosure is sure to outperform any other "pre-fab" on the market, all the while costing much less than many over priced "fancy pants designs" that often come with a HUGE price tag and lengthy wait time.  All enclosures require assembly, giving the novice audiophile that sense of accomplishment, having taken a hand in the construction of their own enclosure!  Every G2 Flat-Pac Enclosure comes with all necessary panels to assemble, detailed assembly instructions, and a supply recommendation list.

    G2 also offers Terminal Options Well!  Partnering with Steve Meade Designs, G2 offers our Flat-Pac Enclosures with the option of selecting no terminal, OR 1-2 of the industry reknown SMD Box Terminals (pictured).  ALSO, each enclosure is adorned with the G2 Dynamics logo engraved conservatively into the baffle panel for that custom touch.  All Flat-Pac Enclosures are able to be upholstered, bed lined or painted as well!  

    G2 Plat-Pac Enclosures are also available in double layered baffle applications for heavier woofers.  We recommend this option for any woofer weighing over 35 lbs.

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