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    Enclosure Design

    Looking to build your own custom woofer enclosure and don't know where to begin?  Building on your own is already hard work, but what if your math is wrong?  What if you use the wrong fasteners or glue?  Too many "what if's" have enthusiasts shying away from the concept of building for themselves.  Luckily G2 Dynamics has you covered.

    At G2 we offer a variety of not only products, but services as well!  One of those services is expert enclosure design by experienced industry professionals known nationwide!  Our team of affiliate designers can get you the expert assistance you need from conceptualizing the build, to putting the finishing touches on you new enclosure!

    All our design services com with the following:

    • Complete Cut Sheets
    • 3D Renderings
    • Parts & Materials List
    • Acoustical Specifications
    • Assembly Instructions
    • Technical Support

    Browse our network of Design Companies and read their Professional Bio and see who is right for you.  Included in each Bio will be design experience, qualifications, design capabilities, specialties, accolades, lead times & more!

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