G2 Dynamics Hand Crafted Enclosures?  Of Course!

G2 Dynamics Hand Crafted Enclosures? Of Course!

Just when you thought G2 Dynamics was overflowing with new merchandise, BAM!  G2 now offers quality crafted hand built woofer enclosures!  Some may call it pre-fabricated, some may call it custom.  We call it genius!  All G2 Enclosures are built by hand, no CNC here.  Offering hands on, one-off fabrication, the G2 build staff consistently checks each enclosure thoroughly to ensure the best possible build quality for those on a budget.  Made from a minimum of 3/4" MDF, each enclosure is hand assembled using only the finest bonding agents and strongest fasteners for a lifetime of durability.  Whether it is a bare wood piece you'd like, or a customized finish, G2 Dynamics has you covered.
All enclosures are designed by Paul Galanos in-house based on some of the most high demand woofers in the G2 catalog.  No more 5/8" thick particle board burp box pre-fabs that fall apart in 3 months here!  With moderate to low tuning, and the port and internal volume today's woofers want, G2 Enclosures ensures the absolute best bang for your buck when crazy-custom is way too expensive, and bed-linered junk is out of the question.
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