The Great Battery Debate

The Great Battery Debate

Soooooo, you have a high current alternator, and a stock position battery under the hood.  BUT, do you have all the current you need on standby to effectively and consistently give your aftermarket 12 volt goodies what they desperately need?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  Look no further.   G2 has a great assortment of 12 volt cells available for immediate shipping that can more than satisfy your requirements.  We offer great brands like NorthStar Battery & Limitless Lithium, both of which have several models from which to choose.  Grab some AGM units for extended playtime, or perhaps a Lithium battery for high current immediate delivery.  Whatever your desire, G2 Dynamics has you covered.  Click HERE to check out our battery listings and get yours coming TODAY!  If you're not sure still what battery is right for you, reach out to our Technical Support staff by clicking HERE.  Also, as a tool to help you determine your needs, the folks over at Xplicit Coding offer a handy TOOL to help calculate how much alt & battery power you need to feed your need the right way!

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