Remote Wire Turn-On Issues?

Remote Wire Turn-On Issues?

Ever heard that loud THUMP from your subs when you turn on your radio?  Ever had your amplifier soft-protect in the middle of BANGIN?  Your issues could all stem from your remote turn-on lead from the head unit.  Often times the first thing we look at when attempting to self diagnose these types of issues is either loose connections, or loss of power.  Often times that little remote turn-on wire can ultimately be the culprit.  
The remote turn-on wire from the radio carries a relatively small amount of DC current through it, and in a situation where multiple amplifiers, crossovers, sound processors and other 12v devices are being used, they may starve for the current needed to keep them running at peak potential, having to split the available current in so many directions.
And also, in amplifiers without soft turn-on circuitry, you may even experience a loud thump coming from your speakers upon system initialization.  This, while typically not damaging to your equipment, may be an embarrassing nuisance when others are within earshot. 
The solution to both of these problems, pending they are your culprit of course, is a Soft Turn-On Relay Installation.  This is a very simple procedure involving a single 30a 12v relay that obtains turn-on signal from either your head unit or another trusted 12v ignition source, and allows an outbound signal to be produced with a higher current availability to keep your devices running and running stronger!  It also helps avoid hearing that pesky thump on start-up!
Check out the wiring diagram below for a simple installation technique used by the pro's, and CLICK HERE if you'd like to pick a couple up and Do It Yourself for pennies on the dollar!


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